Make things happen…

Travel somewhere, build something, start a company, write a book. Too often people talk about these things, but never take action. Plans are forgotten. Dreams and goals become afterthoughts, achievements to be accomplished someday, then not all. Age sneaks up on you. It becomes easier to find excuses. ‘I’m too old’ or ‘If I only had the time‘. Then eventually, missed opportunities become regrets. Not for me. Not for this.

At forty-one years old, I wrote my first book. It’s not exactly the book I envisioned writing when I was twenty-something, but it’s done now, and no longer an intention to be completed someday. Twenty-something year old me didn’t have the mettle to finish such things. More importantly, now I’ll know. I won’t die wondering if my writing was any good or if people would want to read my story. Maybe it’s not. Maybe they don’t. But I’ll know. For better or worse.

So here it is. The product of twenty years of procrastination and two months of dedicated writing. I hope you enjoy it.